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Project Latch is a 2D, pixelated, side scrolling, puzzle-platformer for the PC. The player uses a magnet to beat enemies, solve puzzles and traverse the harsh environment of a post-apocalyptic world.

This is a student project built in six weeks and is still under development, any feedback is greatly appreciated. You can give feedback through this google docs form.


Finn Mahoney - Design Lead - Portfolio

Sean Brady - Producer - Portfolio

Chris Ottey - Character Artist -  Portfolio.

Hannah Lamb - Background / Environment Artist

Lachlan Smith - UX/UI Artist - 

Tom Stonehouse - Tileset / Environment Artist -


Callum Mcdermott - Gameplay / Mechanics Programmer

Blake Tighe - AI / Systems Programmer -  Portfolio.

Install instructions

To install please download and extract the files from BLD.zip and run using "Project Latch.exe" :)


Project LatchV1.zip 23 MB

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